Red Bull Car Park Drift Championship

Drifting – It came to life, when a bunch of racers set out to beat their lap times by cutting sharp corners while exceeding the grip limit of their tires on the windings mountain roads of Japan in 1960s.The technique was then recognized and became most popular in the All Japan Touring Car Championship races in the 70s. Motorcycling legend turned driver, Kunimitsu Takahashi, was considered as the ‘Father of Drifting’ for his drifting techniques in the 1970s. It evolved a great deal there after, yet it took 20 years to be recognized in the international motorsports space.
In 2005, Red Bull management came to witness the drifting mania in a parking lot in Hong Kong which eventually ignited the beginning of Red Bull Car Park Drift Championship in the Middle east. Lebanon was the first country to host the event. Later more countries in the middle east welcomed the event. In 2012, the event accommodated twenty thousand spectators who were blown away by the spectacular display of Drifting. In 2013, it continued…

Red Bull Car Park Drift Series

These are some of the drifting moments which I could capture from this year’s event. Enjoy 🙂

[justified_image_grid thumbs_spacing=0 mobile_height_dev=50 margin=0 quality=100 last_row=hide disable_cropping=yes ids=”7687,7693,7647,7695,7653,7649,7650,7662,7651,7652,7669,7657,7659,7660,7661,7663,7670,7665,7667,7672,7671,7681,7684,7674,7678,7685,7679,7682,7686,7688,7689,7690,7691,7694,7643″]


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