Challenge 4: ‘Art of Panning’

The fourth entry for the photo challenges with my buddies.

About the challenge : This was basically to practice and perfect the art of panning, at night(to make it more difficult) using moving cars.

About the photograph : Taken casually while roaming around Jumeirah area with friends n family.


Definitely, not the easiest thing to do!

But very much possible and the results are gonna be astounding, when everything fall into place – timing, light and the sync.

What is panning? – It is the synchronized movement of the camera with the moving subject, by matching its speed and direction as perfectly as possible. It brings out the feel of motion into the picture with out blurring the subject using a slow shutter speed.

This technique can be used in any occasion, to capture moving  object creatively or to bring n the motion effect. The below are from my panning archive,

[justified_image_grid preset=12 height_deviation=60 ids=”6756,6754,6753″]


8 thoughts on “Challenge 4: ‘Art of Panning’

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