Challenge: Pro prod advert!

The challenge was to make 5 professional product (ad) posters with our own photos taken of any famous brands. The original brand logos can be used, but the core photo should be our own. It was between four of us – Firas, Henry, Shafeel & me. Guys.. here is my contribution..

This is kinda good and I think we should do it every month. Please do join if any of you are interested… just for fun and to improve our skills.

5 thoughts on “Challenge: Pro prod advert!

  1. You are a Pro dude. I can see that!
    The Y-guitar ad is nicely made. I liked the precision shot and the yummy-ness remains on the DD.
    The Lambo poster is just outstanding man!

  2. Those do look professional, well done! A few months back I wrote a detailed how-to on capturing lightning, but it amounts to patience, long exposures, and safety. And living where there are lots of thunderstorms!

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