For about 3 weeks, I find myself a bit out of place . Christmas, New year, wedding anniversary, better half’s B’day, niece’s b’day, friends b’day, relocating within the city, searching for a new ride, gifts been passing all around…

Ok! So what I was trying to say is that I got two gifts for my anniversary and new year.. guess what!! A professional flash and a 50mm 1.4f nikkor lens with a reverse macro kit!! 🙂 Reverse macro is not easy but the results are worth the effort..

I don’t know the name of the flower… any idea?


11 thoughts on “Micrography!

  1. Great update and happy you have powerful upgrade in your camera kit.
    This is amazing depth and so very close shot! Really liked the background color, usually rare with micro shots. You are at a totally new level!

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