..for all seasons of life!

Ed’s challenge was, Photograph that represents this Christmas season to you? For me, let it be any season.. it’s rocking holidays with my friends and family! This photograph is from one such outing with my cousins 🙂 Spot me if you can!?!

Posted in Sunday Stills and Post a week 2011/Weekly photo challenge.

48 thoughts on “..for all seasons of life!

  1. Your xmas is like mine, we could take a photo today as my son goes for his first surfing lesson. You will be able to spot me as I can’t jump. LOL

    No, I can’t spot you. All very handsome man performing for a boy band.

    • Thank you Margie. Whenever I’m with friends or cousins we always come up with something like this. It’s fun 😀
      I’m the on the far right 🙂

  2. A great moment indeed. Beautifully captured and perfectly captured with perfect composition. 🙂

    Thanks for visiting my blog too. 🙂

  3. Hmm… I would have guessed the one on the right end, with the hat. Reading the other comments, it turns out to be so. Great shot, lot’s of fun! Cheers!

  4. this is a brilliant b/w moment, a perfect composition, but above all – my favourite aspect to this image: so fun!
    gotta love family! thanks for sharing.
    and thank you for your visit to my corner of the blogosphere as well!
    much appreciated 🙂

  5. I would have placed you right in the center 🙂 It’s easier to run from the tripod to an empty place in the row and be sure you’re still ON the picture! Thank you for sharing your photo with us.
    Greetings from Switzerland,
    – Pierre

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