SundayStills: Rust!

20 thoughts on “SundayStills: Rust!”

  1. I would love to see the tiger in focus with the bars in the foreground. Great cause. great cause. water is one of our basics for survival. I wished there was an easy way to do the portable filtration system that we have for camping.

  2. Great Rust shots! don’t think i’d trust those rusty bars tho… geesh…

    love the water shots too. and a neat charity. In CA water is seriously an issue and I was always running around shutting off faucets too. we have our own wells and some day i hope to put in one of those rain catchers systems on our property.

  3. Great rust shots, quite unique focus. No words to say about ‘Water’ how sad no body care about the future. One thing that comes to my mind is to appreciate Abu Dhabi muncipality took the initative to issue free services to cap the taps with water flow controllers (am not sure what it is called) but it have really helped people to reduce their comsumption by half for sure.

    Highly appreciate and thanks to you guys for bringing this cause.

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