Happily Married

Dear friends,

Our sincerest thanks for all your good wishes and prayers 😀

With Love…  Rubeena & Nivin 😉


39 thoughts on “Happily Married

  1. Oooh! I’m so happy for you Niven! Rubeena is just stunning with a kind, gentle eye. I’m so thrilled for you and wish the two of you a future filled with faith, hope, joy, love and long healthy lives spent together.

    Such a beautiful photo. You leave me wanting to see more from your wedding.

    I’m glad you’re back to blogging and participating in Sunday Stills, too.


  2. How funny that I had thought of you a few days ago…I didn’t realize you were getting married…what a wonderful surprise!!!

    Congratulations to you both! As Lisa said…more photos from the wedding??? This one you posted I’m sure just a teaser right?

    Happy Trails~~


  3. The marriage was so colourful i had ever attended, u guyz seemed wow! beautiful picture with beautiful couple.

    Keep rocking

    Best wishes – Henry Minu & Heiden

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