..being a Cancerian!

19 thoughts on “..being a Cancerian!”

  1. 🙂 well said !! and the picture perfect Camouflage. The fin.feather.fur………. wow! u r like a phenoex bird rising up from the dust to the highest…….great shots mate

  2. Friend, take as long as you need in your corner ..we’ll still be here when you’re ready for a party 😉

    Great photos (of course!) and cleverly presented to place your popping blue between the two tans.. beautiful contrast!

  3. Love your story about the cancarian, though I think a lot of people that are not cancarians recognize themselves in this description too. I know I do. The moodchanges in particular sound very familiar.
    Love the pufferfish. I have a dwarf puffer in my fishtank. Funny and mean they are. Love them 😉

  4. I married a Cancerian and I must admit, this sounds very much like my husband. I love his nesting instincts though. As a greedy Capricorn, I tend to do away with the little things that make a house a home. Were it not for my husband, we wouldn’t be nearly so comfortable. I love my crabby guy! 🙂 This was nice of you to share, Nivin. I’m totally digging those peacock feathers, too. Woo-hoo! Best wishes for 2010!

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