4Tp: Zoom Blurrrr!!

Hi folks, Today’s 4Tp-copy is very similar to the last one.

As per the request of my dear blog friend ‘Jo’, Today’s Topic is: Zoom Blur! This is an easy way to highlight the subjects by simply blurring the background with a zoom effect!

Sh-ZB Software used: Photoshop CS2 (Features used: layers & Eraser tool)

Step-by-Step Instructions:

1. Open up an image of a Car/Bike in Photoshop, preferably the one on the road or with a very colorful background!

2. Goto Layer > Duplicate Layer… and when the pop-up appears, name the duplicate layer “Zoom”.

3. Goto Filter > Blur > Radial Blur.

Move the slider and select amount to 15. Blur Method to Zoom. Quality to Best. (try the other options too! Not now..Later!!) The “Zoom” duplicate layer should look blurred with centered zoom. (…..You can add more filters and effects  to this layer)

4. With the “Zoom” layer active, select the Eraser tool. Select an appropriate brush size. Then zoom in and begin erasing the areas of the photo where you want the focused subject to appear. Exactly like the last tutorial 🙂 (Try appropriate hardness for your brush tip ~ from the brush drop down menu on the top bar)

5. Continue to erase any other aspects of the photo until you have the final result that you are looking for.

6. Then……now you know what to do, right?!! 😉 Have Fun 😀

Thank you all for the comments and support for the 4Tp 😀 I’ll bring you more tougher and more exciting tutorials in the coming weeks!  I’ll catch up with you all soon 🙂


11 thoughts on “4Tp: Zoom Blurrrr!!

    • Thanks Jo! 😉 That was very sisterly! lol!

      Thanks Colleen, You are one of my buddies who pushes me forward and make me do something! Thanks for being there 😀

      Thanks Jan! Glad you are finding it useful! I’ll do my best to keep you interested 😉

      Thanks Ed! You are the best.. Bro 🙂

      Thanks mate! I’m waiting to see your version 😉

      Thanks Hen! Definitely 🙂

      Thanks FarSideOfFifty! Glad you tried it 🙂

      Thanks Desperate Horse Wife! 😀 WoW!! A horse, Sounds fun! Would love to see your creation 😉

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