Macro Monday: Green Suspense!

L ….any clue what this is??? 😀 Ofcourse I know, what this is! But let me see….

Who is gonna be the first one to crack this up! 😉


19 thoughts on “Macro Monday: Green Suspense!

    • Thanks Colleen, It is definitely a fruit 🙂

      Thanks Chloe, Green are cool!

      Thanks Lisa, but not exactly!

      Thanks Jo ~Beyond Bluestockings
      Hahaha! You have really wild imaginations! lol! Sea monster was ok! but something that grows in the bottom of my fridge… That was.. OH NO! 😛
      You got it right Jo 🙂 Its is an unripened rambutan!

  1. Thanks for liking my shrooms. I would have to say the biggest ones were about the size of a softball. They were growing at the base of a huge oak tree.

  2. A great shot..what a lovely green it is! I love rambutans (ripe of course). when are we going to see the macro of a ripe one(still a while I imagine?)You’re lucky to be so close to them?

  3. Looks like the seed head to our native leatherflowers. Well, I’ve never even heard of a rambutan, so I’ll have to look it up. Fabulous shot and subject! Just proves you can teach an old botanist a new plant!

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