Done & Dusted!

The mighty Land Rover Defender 110 pickup!


Under the hood: A 2.4 litre diesel engine capable of 122 hp & can produce an exceptional torque of 360Nm.

Verdict: All four tyres are flat, and a little bit of body patch work, other than that it looks to me to be in a good condition. πŸ™‚

A dump yard in Sharjah turned out to be a good place for photography!


11 thoughts on “Done & Dusted!

    • hi..aiafrom srilanka nais pots&lanrowar wayau gats DIS POTOS AI WOATO BAIDIS TALMI ….TANKS,,,0094777903147 COLLMI

  1. Oh Man, I’d love to get my hands on that truck! The possibilities of running around the mountains of Tennessee in a Defender with my cameras is just mind boggeling! I may even forget about Jeeps for a minute..:-))))

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