Sunday Stills: The Open Road

…open roads…

Dry-Road…a bit dry…

Road-to-heaven.. a lot fresher..


DownTown-Al-Ain..down the hill..

Road-Block …now the typical open road traffic jam…

(Trust me guys, that traffic jam lasted 48 hours! Isn’t that CooooL!!! 😉

Road-shock..Natural Hi-speed effect..

Ninja-road…Yeah, the perfect place for a fight!..

Corniche-road..a view from my building..

Dials-n-road..Yes, behind the wheel..

Wanna see more open roads!? Cool! Check’em out!


37 thoughts on “Sunday Stills: The Open Road

  1. W.O.W!!!!!!! Spectacular images! These are truly Open Roads, and you captured them perfectly…..well except for the traffic jam…not too open there…but still….BRILLIANT! Where was that one taken?
    I also like the night time photos, too. Excellent!

    New Mexico, USA

  2. it appears you pick pretty seldom traveled roads on which to pull out the equipment while behind the wheel… that’s good!! :o) love the series and am headed to see the others.

  3. Great contrasts in the first two shots, the night shots are spectacular, the open road traffic jam looks like our motor way every morning and evening (though ours clears between times!) and of course your blokey shots…. 😀

    A great offering!

  4. Wonderful! I always look forward to your pictures. The “fighters” (I thought “ninjas”) kind of scared me a bit! And of course I can’t pick a favorite although I would like to follow the road in the first picture.

  5. Somehow I felt that the first two pics does not suit ‘Open Roads’. The traffic jam pic is super cool!… Open road with activities.
    Cool post with the silent, speedy, jammed, lonely, dark, lighted, dry and flowery roads. Well composed! 😀

  6. What a great group of photos! The night shots and the motion one are spectacular, and the first one makes me want to saddle up my horse for a quiet ride in the country. And that is quite the road that the traffic jam is on|!

  7. They’re all amazingly good, thank you for sharing them with us.
    You asked me where my road lead to. It’s in a village in Sintra- Portugal and it actually takes us up to a magical castle 🙂

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