MacroMonday:Water Strider!

24 thoughts on “MacroMonday:Water Strider!”

  1. They are such cool bugs, aren’t they? Hilaire Bulloc has a great little poem about the water strider I used to recite as a kid–haven’t thought about that for years.

    The Water Strider here shall teach
    A sermon far beyond our reach:
    He flabbergasts the Human Race
    By gliding on the water’s face
    With ease, celerity, and grace;
    But if he ever stopped to think
    Of how he did it, he would sink.
    Hilaire Belloc (1870-1953)

  2. i’ve never seen or heard of these guys before! awesome
    i’d love to be able to ‘walk on water’ or glide, how fun would that be 🙂

  3. Those are the coolest insects to watch. Did you know they made little kayak-foot pontoons so people could move around on flat water like them? Only you stand and use a paddle. I saw it demonstrated once on a lake. It must have either been very difficult or not very fun or I suppose we’d be seeing more of them around!

    Great photo!

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