Sunday Cloud Stills!

Its too Hot, really Sunny and very Humid out here!The Sweating Smiley

The temperature often tops 45°C during the day and the humidity is very high. So no clouds in this part of the world at the moment! But luckily I had enough ‘winks’ in my archives for this weeks challenge ~ Clouds.

Check them out!!

(Click on the image for the bigger version!)

The Calvary Mount

Scattered-cloudsThe Rust

Cal5 The Logo

Painting-CloudsThe Painting

Black-Clouds The Light Effect

DarkSide The Dark Side

For more Darker, Whiter & Smarter Clouds, Check out Sunday Stills! 😀

Have a great weekend!  


36 thoughts on “Sunday Cloud Stills!

  1. That calvary Mount, I let my imagination run wild, and it looks like some mother ship with little flying objects (islands) flying along side it.

    Your photos are WoW!!!

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