Life in the Slums!!

16 thoughts on “Life in the Slums!!”

  1. What a moving series of photos and an important message to all of us, you did great to capture and convey it to us. I’m trying my best to have an attitude with gratitude, and it really hits home when I see things like this. A lot of things we take for granted when what would should appreciate is, like you said, the roof over our heads, clean water, the food on our plates and the clothes we wear. Greed is an awful human trait.

  2. Really great series. Difficult to imagine what it must be like to live that way.Makes you humble to see all that when you are one of the lucky ones. Of course we know most of these facts already, but seeing these pictures makes much more impact than mere words. The bad thing is of course that we actually need being reminded. So well done.

  3. this entry is the most powerful ive ever seen & trust me, ive seen a lot of blogs!
    these photographs, through the suffering & unfortunateness, are beautifully composed xo

  4. I salute you mate for this such a dedicate series from your end, the effort, the details, the depth of stories and realities behind each pictures are so powerful in communicating the real value of life we have in this world and what others dont even dream of.

    Great series Nivin, thank you very much and God bless.

  5. these powerful snapz took me to the memorable expedition to northern province of mother INDIA . The little master(rajanikanth)
    pose is simply superb. Actually marriage urapichapole saahithyam thudangiyoo. nee enthinaada nyangale ingane karayikuunnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  6. How sad…thanks for reminder for to be thankful for what we have. Even when we think we don’t have much, most of us in America are quite well off…

  7. words just wouldn’t be able to express! the girl in the 5th photograph is absolutely beautiful and the smile is like sun beaming through the clouds on an overcast day.

  8. It never ceaces to amaze me how the lower caste in India can survive in such conditions. Great post and it makes me grateful to have what I have…:-)

  9. people think I’m nuts, or a romantic when I point out to them how well most of us live, how well even those who *don’t* live well have it in the USA. Good job. Good job.

  10. now i realize that we are sitting in the comfort zone of earth and wasting time thinking of what we don’t have…this has really become an eye opener

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