Rose Garden (1995) Ootty, India

The Rose Garden of Ooty or the Centenary Rose Garden is spread across ten acres of land in the slopes of Elk hills, and  it is the largest rose garden in the country.


The important feature of the Rose Garden is that, it has been recognized by the world federation of rose societies.

Another distinction is that it is the first Rose Garden in India that has been recognized as the “Garden of Excellence”.


The Rose Garden of Ooty is maintained by the Department of horticulture of the Government of Tamilnadu.

This garden is located at an elevation of 2200-2400m from Mean sea Level.


The average rain fall in here is 125 cm.


This beautiful rose garden was established in 20th May 1995 to commemorate the centenary of Udhgamandalam ( Ooty ) flower show ( 1896-1895 ).


This garden consists of five terraces and has more than 2800 variety of roses.


Truly a must see for those who love ‘ROSES’ & Photography! 😀

Tools used: Nikon D90, Sigma 70-300mm Micro, Steady hands, Cool Head 😉


17 thoughts on “Rose Garden (1995) Ootty, India

  1. Rose-Garden8 is my fav, i’ve never seen a purple rose that deep before
    i want it, pick it & send it to me 🙂
    “pwwwwwwease” haha
    i agree with simon, they are all stunning

  2. Beautiful rose shots – did it rain that day, or did you have a spray bottle with you? I’ve never brought a spray bottle to a public garden, but am often tempted to do so!

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