I missed the sunday still challenges for 4-5 weeks now. I cant miss them anymore. Here is my entry for this week’s challenge: Textures!


 From Archive:



I’m also including the snaps for some of the challenges which I missed!!








I missed you all! Sunday Stillers!

22 thoughts on “TexTure

  1. I’ve been gone too…well I’ve been here…just to busy to get Sunday Stills done. But, summers are that way. Nice to see you, and your photos are as beautiful as ever!

  2. Sweet! Cracked riverbed? Sunset sea? Dude, including previous SS challenges is pure commitment! What a vivid trio of colours in the background sky in silouhette shot. Is that you on a timer shot? 😉

  3. Great textures and you’ve got a nice silhouette too-
    I missed last week too and was disappointed to have missed the challenge while out of town as I love wildflowers – never occurred to me to post anyway. Oh well!

    (I enjoyed your photos and story about the Taj Mahal as well. Stories like that disgust me with the self-centeredness of the American educational system. I really feel like excepting the Revolution, if it didn’t happen in this country after WW1, I didn’t learn about it. My favorite thing about homeschooling my kids is that I can make up for my deficiencies and learn alongside them. )

  4. They’re all amazing, it’s hard to choose one, so I won’t… It wouldn’t be fair tbh. And welcome back 🙂

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