“May the love hidden deep inside your heart..

..find the love waiting in your dreams.

May the laughter that you find in your tomorrow..

..wipe away the pain you find in your yesterdays.”


6 thoughts on “..Bridal!

    • Thanks Mate, I know she is a bit scary!! 😉
      Thanks burstmode, You’re right! lol!
      Thanks Jo, I know her features are a bit sharp 😉 I just felt this pic would go well with those sentiments below! 😀
      Thanks Dana, It was the lighting which made me click, this one! 😀

  1. Nivin, dare I say it? I’m afraid I can’t resist a little mirth (a weakness!) but I have to say…

    Her features are just a little sharp 😛 😉

    It’s an imposing image, but I have to agree with Chloe: that’s one scary looking model! The sentiments below are lovely though.

    (Burstmode…. such a cynic!)

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