Fading Heart!

13 thoughts on “Fading Heart!”

  1. Wow! WB, u proved not to be juz a prof’ photographer.
    i didnt know a dyin leaf could represent the most beautiful thing in th whole world.

    Great pic !!!……………& definitely stunning quotes, especially ur true reflections to Ole


    1. Hey Dude, Thanks man! As you know, Love is the only thing keeps me going! So I thought I should tell the whole world, How much she means to me! 😀

  2. my oh my, love is grand (so’s your photograph)
    magical; the red against the grey

    p.s who’s Ole; thought her name was ruby (?) xx

  3. Definitely yeh Rocker!!! keep it high, you both deserve it and like u said such gr8 amount of inspiration, u r amazin pair

    Chole, Trust me thiz guy s truely gifted and she s d real ‘Ruby’

  4. Thanks Anna! It can hurt us, but love cures the wound much faster! 😀 Keep smiling
    Thanks for your thoughts.
    Thanks Flameboy, well said! 😀
    Thanks Annette, I’ll take that compliment! 😀 😀

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