Ghost Rider!!


Big Boys Toys 1 of 4

Hi All,  This small series is dedicated to all The “BIG BOYS’  who loves ‘TOYS’



6 thoughts on “Ghost Rider!!

  1. Awesome shots man! I will never be able to ride a motorbike, but I can dream about it…

    Is the selective blurring in these shots a Photoshop job? Or an extremely unorthodox selective focus technique?!

  2. i like big biys toys too 🙂
    those rims (are they still rims even on motorbikes(?)) are effing sick (awesome)
    i like how surreal this is; is that the right word
    i’m liking the bokeh, was that straight out of the camera or altered(?)

  3. Wow, Nivin! Great shots of the motorcycles. What’s the secret to getting the blurry “movement” in the background…you have made them really standout in a venue that would usually yield just a record shot!

    Great shots!

    Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog today. I appreciate it!

    Wish my blog photography friends could join us for our first ever (free!) photo workshop this afternoon. But even for FREE, that’s quite a haul for you to get here, eh?

  4. Thanks Cindy, I would love to join you for the photo workshop. 😀 But it will take me about 12 hours(approx.) of flying to get to your place. 😦
    I gave it the blurry effect just to project the subject. It works well with distracting backgrounds. 🙂

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