Stage 1 – Start

3 thoughts on “Stage 1 – Start”

  1. oh if you ever get the chance to watch american dad, watch it, it’s funny 🙂
    that’s good that you look out for your friends health

    this is a great shot, they’re almost perfectly lined up too 🙂
    (i put up a new post, check it out & let me know what you think)

  2. i was real happy with how the rose turned out
    i took the photo with the intention of creating that feel, glad i acheive 🙂

    i’ve heard “when you tell a secret, you realise there was nothing there to hide” – but i don’t believe that, i still think everyone needs secrets something sacred to them selves
    there’s so much to me that i don’t convey through my blog that’s left for my family, friends & partner
    some people bare themselves but i like to keep to myself, the more important parts 🙂
    do you have a partner(?)

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