Red Bull AiR Race 2009

3 thoughts on “Red Bull AiR Race 2009”

  1. going well how about yourself(?) 3000 photographs, wow you really were busy haha(!) ahh the crab, a determined sign.

    i like drinking redbull, gives me wings 🙂 haha
    great shot!

  2. it’s a really long story, a lot to do with my brother & what I’ve lived with & through
    no i don’t drink too much haha, thanks for the concern though 🙂
    ha, thanks, do you watch american dad(?) – i was leaning on the end of my bed for that one & the edge of the sink for the tap one (cheat) – still I had a couple of blurry shots
    i tried focusing on the water but couldn’t get a clear shot

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