Lush Green!



2 thoughts on “Lush Green!

  1. This is spectcular. Great focus, depth of field, and most of all light.

    As for the theme, I think that one might work, but I’d have to see it. If you changed it temporarily, I’m sorry I missed it. I’ve been on the road for a few days and have been away from the computer (well, it’s been with me but it hasn’t left the bag). I think a dark theme like that would really highlight your photos, but the problem with those themes is that they are very limited width-wise (the problem I’m running into right now.

  2. hiya
    i used CS3 to stitch align them all together, it was actually really easy : )
    oh my what a little stud muffin then (the bird) i’d go him if i were a bird (okay that was weird on my behalf) lol
    i posted new photographs now, they’re from the waverunner you’ll be all excited & such ; )
    & another pano
    i enjoy reading your long comments thanks xx

    i totally dig your new photography logo, it’s great 🙂
    p.s loving this macro grass shot
    were you lying down for this one too(?)

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