Frame by Frame



2 thoughts on “Frame by Frame

  1. Multiple exposure (as opposed to an incredibly graceful and well-spaced line of birds), right? Very subtle effect, and it works great.

    I think a panorama with my 50 might be rough. It’s not even normal- on APS-C, it’s a short telephoto. I am not thrilled with the focal length. I might be returning it and waiting on a 35mm f/1.8.

    I threw a link to your page in my “About” section, so now you’re world-famous (to all six people a year who see my blog). I’d been meaning to throw in some links to the photographers who inspire me and who I keep up with, and I finally did it.

    As for the BMW, look for “HPF M3” on YouTube if you want to see some Stage IIIs (700-900 rwhp) embarrassing more or less any other car you can imagine.

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