At 3am!!!


Panorama 1 of 5


5 thoughts on “At 3am!!!

  1. Wow. I love the range of blue tones on this. I think I’m starting to understand why you love panoramas.

    To be more exact, it’s a picture of Saint Elizabeth. Clear as mud, right?

    I would love an M3 (especially CSL- are they selling the new ones in the US? I don’t even know), although a Lambo might be a little over the top for me. The M3 is such a great blend of great styling, classy heritage, and ridiculous performance. I want one. Now.

    As for the macros, it’s always a tough call when there’s that big of a price difference. While everyone you ask will have an opinion (myself included), sometimes it’s nice to check out objective tests as well. Check out, find Nikon reviews, and look at the data for both lenses if you want a “hard numbers” comparison. Basically, the Nikon has VR and is sharper at large apertures, but it has minor vignetting issues and slightly more significant chromatic abberations that the Sigma is immune from. It really is an opinion thing as to whether or not its worth the money, but I think a good review always helps. Photozone is pretty well known for reliability, and can be interesting to read if you’re a photonerd like I am.

    The D200 is here.

  2. thanks for that information : )
    the only thing holding me back from asking is a little embarrassment, i feel so greedy for wanting more haha
    yes hong kong & china WOOOOOOOOOOOH
    i will let you know how it is, probably going in november/December
    it’s Sunday here & Sundays are my “rest” days; aka blog/photography days so i’ll take a looksy & let you know

    how many photographs are stitched in this (?) i want to learn how to do this 🙂
    it looks cold here but the view is breathing taking

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