36 thoughts on “Wollreflections”

  1. Phew!!! i bet u’l ROCK wB, juz keep ‘t goin. I like the simplicity but d elegancy n ur words nd especially d name (Wow!!….)

    Trust me guyz he’z that fully loaded to rock all d time. This is juz a begining of the real show yet to shower

    Good luck & best wishes buddy

    1. Beautiful photos! Your use of lighting and focus are just wonderful great work! I really like your other work as well I will definitely recommend you to anyone looking for a photographer.

  2. amazing work ,the richness from the most simple pictures over flow with soo much too say..the labels are amazingly stating what you want to say..
    Great creativity and great niche for clicking at the right time..Keep going strong as its an amazing effort you have put..will look forward to more !!!

  3. Thanks guys. i really appreciate your support..
    Hi All, I’ve brought my first cam ever. Yes!!! A DSLR – Nikon D90. Hope you guys enjoy my winks. Thanks once again for your support

  4. adoring to the new additions… i can see the new camera is adding on to your great work …. loving the nature pics … not much of a cricket fan ..but the Red Bull pics were just too good…
    i am keeping track dont worry…:)

    salamz and tc..

  5. Your photos are amazing and breathtaking. The question about being a photographer or not, should rather be, does one have something to tell or not. You pass on so much beauty and energy through your photos, that the real interesting question is; why are you not working with this as a professional? Anyway, I´m sure you will soon.

  6. You’re pretty tough on yourself, aren’t you? I think you are very creative and a very talented photographer with a good eye for detail composition and subject. 🙂 So ease up on yourself Wild Black and keep doing what you do well.

  7. You may not think you are doing anything but showing your “winks” but you’ve got some hot talent!!! Great job on all your work! Your photos seem to attack my senses and my mind and make me wonder…wonder about the real and the imaginary!

  8. i know its been long.. i just wanted to wish EID MUBARAK!!!..i havnt seen any of the new additions… but i am sure i will be commenting on them : )
    i hope and pray things work out for you inshallah!!
    tc and salamz

  9. just went thru the pics, really impressed with the sketches..mashallah!!!…
    all the best and looking forward to see some more..inshallah!!!

    tc and salamz…

  10. ME CHECkd this sit coz of my cousin, whn he saw my intrest in photography…… pics in this blog/site is mre than i expectd…its just amazing nd awesome..xpecting mre pics frm u…. wish u all the best and may almighty bless u!!!!!!!!!!!

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